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    For Us, By Us — plus size blogging

    The Podcast!!

    The Podcast!!

    Hey there, Butterflies!

    What a year it has been! I know we are only in April, but so much has transpired in the past four months that it feels like I should be in September! Lol. Ok, ok. So, onto the podcast! As some may know, I launched a podcast around the same time last year to provide a platform and outlet for other Black fat women experiencing life in a fatphobic world! Throughout season 1, we laughed and we cried. There were highs, lows, setbacks, and triumphs. But guess what?! WE MADE IT THROUGH! 

    As I gear up for season 2 (starting in May), I wanted to make the links available to those who visit the page in hopes that everyone will be all caught up when the new episode drops! Take a listen and feel free to leave your thoughts! 

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