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    For Us, By Us — racism

    Season 3, Episode 6: "My Body Politic" w/ Danni aka Amapoundcake

    Season 3, Episode 6:

    Danni, creator of Amapoundcake stopped by to talk about her journey to fat acceptance and her work as an educator and activist in this space!

    From going viral twerking to critically looking at how the Black community does not show up for fat Black folx like we should, we cover it all!

    You can find Danni at or as @amapoundcake on IG, FB & Twitter!


    There's Power in Your Truth

    There's Power in Your Truth
    And then, he asked the mothership of all questions... He asked me to elaborate on my experiences of being Black. Of course, I didn't have a speech or anything put together to give a cohesive synopsis, but baby when I opened my mouth!! The words begin to flow smoother than a large mocha iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts would down my throat!

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