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    For Us, By Us — success

    There's Power in Your Truth

    There's Power in Your Truth
    And then, he asked the mothership of all questions... He asked me to elaborate on my experiences of being Black. Of course, I didn't have a speech or anything put together to give a cohesive synopsis, but baby when I opened my mouth!! The words begin to flow smoother than a large mocha iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts would down my throat!

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    For Us, By Us

    For Us, By Us

    Hi there! I'm Joy, the founder, and mastermind behind the designs of Fresh Out the Cocoon (FOTC)! It has been a lifelong goal of mines to encourage individuals often downtrodden and overlooked to find their sense of self, not being ashamed of who they are. I am a current doctoral candidate in the department of Communication at Rutgers University studying issues of identity and social change. My current work revolves around the body positive movement, fat acceptance, and public policy. As a self-proclaimed fatty, I have spent practically all of my life as a person of size, encountering the stigmas and ill-treatment often faced by other fat women and the race specific treatment that goes along with being Black. It was through these trials, that I was able to find my voice, no longer seeking to assimilate to the European cultural norm of thinness.

    Today, I stand proud as an unapologetic fat Black woman. My goal is to give a voice to those like me while also encouraging those who have yet to arrive at self-acceptance in their own journey. It would be a false statement to say that all my days since embracing my body and identity have been great, as the journey of self-acceptance is never ending, but through FOTC, there is hope that those who interact with us leave in a better space, physically, mentally and emotionally, ultimately giving fat Black women who view their bodies positively, a voice that can be heard aloud in research journals, in the street, and throughout the world! Being you is not weird or out of place. It's actually a breath of fresh air! Thank you for visiting our site!